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  • Translation Services Let Us do what we do best and you can then focus on what you do best. At Indian Translators, we concentrate on
  • Translation Procedures Different companies and individuals have different translation requirements. At Indian Translator, we understand this and provide multiple options to clients to choose from.
  • Services and Norms Quality Assurance Guarantee We are so confident in our services that we offer a guaranteed quality to your satisfaction. After Sales Service
  • Languages Offered We at Indian Translator provide translation for almost all major Internaltional and Indian languages. Below is the list of all of these languages.
  • Payment Terms and Procedures On this page: How can you pay? What is our payment policy? Volume Orders Recurring orders How can you pay? For
  • Free Translation Not everyone is looking for professional translators. Some people just need to understand meaning of a word or phrase. Free translation comes in
  • We and Our Clients First, you are welcome to Indian Translator's translation services website. We are a leading translation company in India. Indian Translator was