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Translation Procedures

Different companies and individuals have different translation requirements. At Indian Translator, we understand this and provide multiple options to clients to choose from.

  • Just translation: Documents are translated and someone skims through it to see if there is any blunder.
  • Normal translation: Documents are first translated and then proof read to remove typos and errors.
  • Advance translation: Documents are first translated and then back translated. They are then sent for error checking. All the errors found are corrected.
  • Zero Error Translation: Documents are sent for translation to 2 different translators. Then the translations are matched. All differences are checked and the final translation is arrived at. The final translation is then back translated. Errors are then removed from it.

These are the standard translation procedures that satisfy most of client needs. More layers of checking can be added to ensure higher accuracy.

While there is no way to get a 100% accurate translation the "Zero Error Translation" can be equivalent of absolute error free translation.

As per our experience "Normal translation" is preferred by over 70% of clients.

Clients seeking medical translation or translation for public notice, go for "Advance translation".
Clients who need translation of documentations opt for "Zero Error Translation".