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Slovak Translation Services

Slovak (or sometimes wrongly called as Slovakian) is an Indo-European language which is a part of West Slavic languages group such as Czech, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian and Slovenian. More than 6 million people speak this language in and outside the Slovakia. The language received its national status in the beginning of 19th century and today it is spoken in Czech Republic, Australia, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland.

Both Czech and Slovak languages are literally similar so if you know Czech you can easily comprehend the Slovak. But if you speak English, German, French or any other language as your mother tongue you need a professional translator to carry out translation of your business/academic/or other/ documents. At Indian Translators we can translate all kinds of documents for your aid.

You can rely upon our professional Slovak translators for following types of documents:

  • Business papers
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Legal contracts
  • Academic papers
  • Medical documents
  • Research  material
  • Website translation/interpretation/localization solutions

Besides all these, we carry out quality Slovak to English or English to Slovak translation for any other requirements as well. We are happy to deliver custom translation solutions for our clients.

Why choose Indian Translators as your translation partner?
Our Slovak translators are natives of either Czech Republic or Slovakia. Hence, fluency in verbal and written text comes naturally to them. You thereby can be rest assured to have a well-readable translated copy, which does not contain any errors.

We have proficient Slovak translators for all the fields, be it medical, IT, legal or Finance. Besides exceptional linguistic skills, we also test our translators for their acumen as well as specialization in one of the fields discussed above. Thus the translated copy is not only error free, but the tone expressed by original author also remains the same.

An added knowledge of your industry allows our Slovak translators to produce a more coherent and relevant copy.

Our Slovak translators always meet their stated deadlines in time. This adds another achievement to their credit. They are also flexible to mold their translation work according to their project-specific instructions.

We have been serving the translation industry for more than 10 years now and major MNCs and government agencies form part of our satisfied clientele.

We assure 100% confidentiality of your original texts. So you need not worry about infringement of your secret, core documents. So, for all kinds of Slovak translation queries you can contact us.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Slovak to English or English to Slovak document translation
  • Slovak to English or English to Slovak document editing
  • Slovak to English or English to Slovak document proofreading
  • Slovak to English or English to Slovak website localization services
  • Slovak to English or English to Slovak website proofreading services
  • Slovak to English or English to Slovak website translation services

Therefore, you have Indian Translators as your ideal translation partner to conquer the international markets of West Slavic World, in and outside Slovakia. We offer best price for your queries, so that you need not waste your time to find the bargain. The prices for translation services are fixed so as to ensure quality work always.